Matching service for ISNI.

Allocation services for ISRC, ISNI, BOWI.




Name variants

Quansic = (Graph & ISNI-X)

ISNI-X is an eXtension to the ISNI dataset powering a Graph database for high perfomance music and film contributors matching services.


ISNI eXtension is a data layer that sits on top of the ISNI dataset. It enhances the original ISNI dataset that allows for high performance matching service on Performers, Songwriters, Actors or film Directors


Quansic uses Graph technology to map Quantributors. Quantributors attributes are linked (eg. Homonyms) or clustered (eg. Meronyms)


ISNI-X is an eXclusive dataset eXtending the eXisting ISNI reference metadata. ISNI-X provides additional data points to all ISNI records, matching the Music and Film Industries best practices and guidelines.

ISNI-X features

Artist Clusters


INSI-X provides clusters of ISNI records when multiple ISNIs relate to the same entity. Clusters aggregates all the known information relating to a single entity.

New Name Types

ISNI-X redefines and and re-allocates new name types to all ISNI records, including Pseudonyms, Real names, Homonyms, Meronyms.

Normalized Display Name

ISNI records contain a large set of name variants. ISNI-X designates one of the name variant as being the name to be displayed. This features allows for the automated routing of all the name variants of an artist to a normalized name.


Two distinct artists bearing the same name are flagged as being Homonyms, with a ISNI to ISNI relationship. This flag is used for additional processing required for disambiguation.


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